Puzzle Digital


These General Terms and Conditions of Use and Contracting (hereinafter, the “Terms and Conditions”) regulate the contracting of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) services called PUZZLE DOCS IA. The services are provided by PUZZLE.DIGITAL (hereinafter, the “Company”).

  1. Services.

The Company offers customers Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) services to extract information from unstructured or semi-structured documents and convert it into structured and search data by combining optical character recognition and artificial intelligence technologies. Documents are classified and categorized through assisted training and machine learning, and information is extracted through semantic analysis of the text.

  1. B. Consideration for Services.

B.1 Use of the Services is subject to payment of a fee (hereinafter referred to as «the Subscription»).

B.2 The customer can choose between three types of subscriptions: Basic, Extended and Full.

B.3. The subscription will continue until the customer cancels it, and must maintain the subscription for a minimum period of six months.

B.4 Billing cycle. Subscription charges for the services and any other charges incurred by the customer in connection with the use made of the services, such as taxes and possible transaction fees, will be charged on a monthly basis, counting from the date of contracting the services.

B.5 The Company shall issue an invoice or credit note for any Subscription Payment (“Invoice”). Each invoice will be issued electronically and sent to the customer by email. In order to issue the invoice, the customer may be required to provide personal data.

B.6 Failure to pay for the subscription within twenty (20) days of its expiration enables the Company to suspend access to the services until the subscription due is paid, without generating any indemnification right in favor of the Client.

  1. C. Exclusion of liability of the company.

C.1 In no event shall the company be liable for any indirect, special or incidental or consequential damages arising from the use or inability to use the service.

C.2 The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the use of the Service conforms to applicable laws and regulations and for ensuring that end users comply with the terms and conditions.

  1. D. Compensation.

The Client shall hold harmless the Company, as well as those who direct, succeed, administer, represent and / or work in them, for any administrative or judicial claim initiated by other Clients, third parties or by any Body, related to the contracting of the services.

  1. E. Intellectual property.

The Customer undertakes not to use, in any way, trademarks, trademark applications, patents, utility models, industrial models and designs, badges, logos, isotypes, trade names, company names, trademarks, copyrights, domain names, know how and all other intellectual and industrial property rights (of any kind and nature worldwide regardless of their designation) of the Company without prior written permission. The Client acknowledges the right, title and interest of the Company in the registered or unregistered trademarks, logos, designs, words or names that identify and distinguish the Company and agrees not to engage in any activity or to commit any act that, directly or indirectly, may dispute or jeopardize such right, title or interest of the Company.

  1. Confidentiality.

F.1 Except where otherwise agreed and/or legally indicated, the Company acknowledges that the information to which it has access or its dependents in the context of the provision of services, including communications with the Customer in the context of pre-contractual negotiations, the documentation that the Client provides to the Company for the provision of the services, the Client’s personal data, its suppliers or employees, and any information that could be understood to be included, are confidential and thus agree not to disclose and maintain the strictest confidentiality with respect to such information, warning, where appropriate, of such duty of confidentiality and secrecy to its employees, associates and anyone who, for your charge or relationship with yourself, you must have access to such information.

F.2 The Company undertakes to put in place the necessary means so that confidential information is not disclosed or transferred. It will adopt the same security measures that it would adopt with respect to confidential personal information and/or its exclusive property, avoiding its loss, theft or theft. However, it undertakes to immediately inform the customer of any action or incident by or with regard to third parties, which may violate the confidentiality of the information that hitherto had that character.

F.3 Without prejudice to the provisions of this clause, the obligation of confidentiality shall not apply where the information can be framed in any of the following cases: a) When the information is in the public domain without this circumstance having occurred due to an infringement of the Company; b) when the current legislation or a court order requires its disclosure; c) when the Company received an express authorization, for such publication or public communication of the Client’s information.

F.4 In the event that part of the information of a confidential nature could be classified within one of the categories mentioned herein, the rest of the information would, however, continue to benefit from that confidential nature.

F.5 The obligation of confidentiality contained in this clause shall be respected throughout the provision of the services and after the termination thereof, for a period of two years, except and/or until such confidential information enters the public domain or there is a court order requiring its disclosure.

These Terms of Use were updated on March 20, 2023.