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Docs IA is a service based on Artificial Intelligence for intelligent document processing

With Docs IA, your company grows

What is Docs IA?

Puzzle Docs is an intelligent document processing service powered by Machine Learning.

Docs IA technology allows the classification of large volumes of documents that are in various formats, the extraction of data, its interpretation, the management of logical validations and the return of the requested data to a repository designated by the company .

We combine optical character recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing and deep learning to extract information from unstructured or semi-structured documents and convert it into structured and searchable data.

How does Docs AI work?

We adapt the documents to be processed so that you can adopt this technology, extracting the data that drives your business. In a few seconds we search for or receive documents from multiple sources such as: multifunctional devices (MDFS), scanners, documents digitized through SFTP/FTP/Cloud Repositories, images captured from mobile phones.

We classify documents automatically. Docs IA uses combined AI algorithms to identify document types by matching unknown documents to existing categories.
Features are extracted and fed to algorithms, which calculate a similarity score. The similarity score is used to determine the most accurate category for document classification.

We extract the data that your business requires. Upon receiving a scanned or captured image of a document, relevant data is intelligently extracted using AI-based OCR and proprietary algorithms to increase the number of different types of documents. All types of data can be extracted: Structured data – Data that is organized and has a logical structure (e.g. CSV, JSON, XML).
Unstructured data requires manipulation, such as data cleaning, before the extraction process because it does not always have a logical structure that can be read by machines (for example, emails, images, or scanned documents).
The system is capable of not only interpreting simple invoice documents, but any type of legal, regulatory document, embedded tables, forms, detecting signatures on documents, and much more.

We analyze and interpret the extraction and generate consistency tests. When data is confidential or critical to be corrected, human administration and review is facilitated.

We deliver the readable result to the desired destination, whether it is a database or a system that the client considers secure and confidential. If required, the system includes PGP data encryption.

Eliminate 90% of manual work and accelerate the automation of your company.

Use applications according to industry or business area


Transform your documents into value. Process and post invoices automatically, saving time and costs for a quick return on investment.


Optimize customer acquisition and improve service by automating manual management of account openings, credit card application processing, loan origination, and other critical processes.


Make it easier for healthcare professionals to focus on patient care by reducing operational workload. Increase physician efficiency by automating document processing, such as medical records and prescription forms.


Optimize government document management by automating everything from pension forms to tax returns, election ballots to welfare records, while ensuring rigorous standards of security and reliability.

Legal and
legal services

Achieve significant cost savings by automating both business management documents and specialized legal documents that require absolute precision.


Drive value in the insurance industry through intelligent document processing. From claim forms to policy agreements, multiple workflows benefit from Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), critical to business success in this highly data-dependent industry.


Automate the capture, classification and extraction of data from invoices, purchase orders, transportation and customs documents, and more to speed up processes and reduce errors associated with manual data entry.
By automating the processing of supply chain-related documents, you will optimize inventory management, route planning, and delivery coordination, leading to a more efficient and agile supply chain.

With DOCS AI, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and deliver better customer service for better overall business performance.

Unlock the potential of unstructured data with Docs IA and walk the path of digital transformation in your organization.

AI Docs

Powered by Machine Learning, Docs IA automatically extracts, processes and analyzes your documents, taking advantage of all its advantages.

Your teams are more productive and your business grows.

Artificial intelligence. Intelligence for your business

Greater data accuracy and consistency

Docs AI eliminates the risk of human error by manually interpreting documents and then transcribing the data into other formats. It reduces the potential for human error and greatly improves data accuracy and consistency, which is crucial for effective decision-making and risk management.
At the most basic level, it is easier to ensure that all documents are in order when stored electronically than when stored on paper.

Productivity improvement

Docs AI automates the manual process of reviewing unstructured data to extract meaningful information. This allows employees to dedicate themselves to more valuable work, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. An added benefit? Greater job satisfaction for employees seeking more meaningful responsibilities. cultivate a more committed workforce.

Improved customer satisfaction

Docs IA reduces response time in customer-facing business processes where customer documents need to be reviewed. This review can now be done much more quickly and accurately. This allows employees to focus on customer service rather than data entry. This improves customer satisfaction and increases loyalty and the repetition of business.

More secure data

Configure to meet specific security requirements, ensuring sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access. In addition to being able to interpret and extract data, Docs IA can also mask sensitive information as part of its review, so that other employees do not have access to certain fields. This is especially important for organizations that handle sensitive personal information, such as banking or healthcare.

Greater speed and scalability

Since Docs IA can process large volumes of documents using limited resources, it is infinitely scalable. It accommodates growth into new markets and expands the number of accounts you can take on without increasing your workforce.

Cost savings

By automating the lengthy document processing process, Docs IA can reduce costs associated with manual data entry, such as labor, training, and equipment. Even more importantly, with the global labor shortage affecting many industries, this process can be performed by AI instead of a worker.

Comply 100% with regulations

Docs AI can improve regulatory compliance by creating more efficient and predictable business processes.