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We are an agency thought to create, maintain, and make it grow mobile products. Founded by experienced professionals that have created successful digital companies in digital marketing and mobile apps industries, we merged the previous experiences to create an awesome service focused in give an excellent solution to new digital startups.


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We are an app design, development and marketing company in the same studio. We provide app design and app development services for every stage of your mobile project. Our best skill is to create awesome digital products with high quality that solve real problems and build a solid digital strategy to get your business work and generate sales.

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Product Consulting

We help companies make better digital products and get the traction they deserve.

Digital Marketing

Attract, acquire and retain more customers with an experienced mobile growth consultant team.

UX & UI Design

Understanding user needs, pains and behaviors allows us to create amazing products.

Mobile Development

Go from demos to done. Watch our team develop your product with the right tech stack.

Web Application

This includes web development, web components, and backend integrations.

Quality Assurance

Get a product that works exactly as we planned it to work.

Discovery how we transform several business

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Thanks to Puzzle's marketing campaigns and their useful advice, the site has seen an increase in traffic with a corresponding boost in sales. They work well under pressure and adapt easily to changes.

Juli De Lorenzo
CMO, Car Sales company

As a result of Puzzle’s work, the client can track more than one million users a month. The team had excellent project management skills and was proactive about addressing delays or potential problems.

Fede Nieves

Puzzle’s efforts have been met with positive acclaim. Customers can expect a professional team that creates excellent software.

Gabi Cinalli
Manager at Plan Auto

We came up with a structure together, but their advice allowed us to make it even better.

Indro Montanelli
CEO, Finibraun
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