Open innovation and software companies: why does this partnership make sense?

Our client is a company that offers credit plans for the purchase of automobiles throughout Argentina. The client was doing many manual tasks on paper and printing thousands of documents daily, especially for the door-to-door operations, where they printed the collection route and receipts for the clients.

In addition, the central office was not being able to trace the collection operation on time, since the information took time to arrive in their system.

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  • Time: 4 Months
  • Tech Stack: React Native
  • Project Type: Fixed price. Time material after lunch.

Tech Challenge

Streamline the collection system with a robust, automated and practical solution, eliminating manual work. We found ourselves with the added challenge of having to synchronize the mobile database with certain areas where the collectors would not have a data connection or Wi-Fi. And also, find a way to connect the mobile app to a physical pocket bluetooth printer and lay out the receipt.


Design and construct a mobile application developed in React Native connected to the client’s ERP in the cloud. This way they would be able to automatically manage and derive the visit routings to each collection team, and inform the central office in real time about the completion of the transaction of the collection, in order to consolidate the numbers at the country level.


  • We managed to eliminate around 35,000 prints that were made monthly.
  • Savings of 500 productivity hours per month: We improved the productivity of the company. The printing and manual assignments had a cost of more than 500 hours per month at a rate of 10 USD / h.
  • Savings of 3500 USD per month: The company assumed a monthly cost of 3,500 USD to cover the expenses of printing, toner, paper, and machinery.
  • Information in real-time: Availability of information in Real-Time, essential for decision-making by the company and management.

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