Open innovation and software companies: why does this partnership make sense?

Do you have a billionaire app idea? Are you looking to expand your business with e-commerce?. The average American spends around four hours per day on their mobile devices… this more than enough reason to start thinking about expanding your business reach by developing a mobile app. 

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A mobile app reaches across all parts of your business, and becomes the key to your marketing strategy, offers better engagement than other digital products, and satisfies your customers’ needs on the go.

So… are you now wondering how much it costs to make an app? We have created an interactive calculator, which easily allows you to estimate the cost of your app. To meet your business needs with maximum accuracy, the tool offers you the choice of combinations of various features and platforms.

Estimate the cost of your online app right now!

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STEP 1: Choose the platform

Take into consideration factors such as target audience, what phone brand do they use? are they willing to pay for an app? do they only use free apps?  What features would you like to include?

Our recommendation is to use Android and iOS, this way you will be able to reach a larger audience at a really low-cost difference. 

STEP 2: Main Features

For this step, you will need to define the goal of your app. If you are thinking about developing e-commerce, you will need to accept payments and a shopping cart. But if your idea aims to become the new Instagram or tik tok, you will need other features such as camera access and photos, user profiles, and social sharing. You dream it, we make it real!

STEP 3: Additional features

Because you really need to stand out and differentiate yourself from competitors, you need to dream big, and then even bigger! You name it, we got it! go on adding even more special features for your app. 

Add a search bar, scan QR bars, track the activity on your web in real-time, privacy settings for users, 3rd party API integrations… 

Are we forgetting about something? Reach out to us! 

Developing your digital products with The Puzzle, you can trust your digital products to be easy to navigate, simple design, fast loading speed, easy to administrate, but most important… highly scalable, ready to accompany your company’s growth. 

Free your wildest app dreams, and let’s start creating together!

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