Our client is a Chilean startup with exponential growth in the world of finance in Chile.

It is an application for unbanked people, allowing them to obtain a prepaid mastercard.

The company aimes to become the first 100% digital bank account in Chile.

Facts (SSO).

  • Time: 8 Months
  • Tech Stack: React, React Native.
  • Project Type: Time Material & Staffing

Tech Challenge.

We had to examine the app from scratch, take a look at the flow of it, and make a survey of what things worked, what needed improvemnt, and what had to be re-done.

Using a progressive plan to work with, we set a 2 months deadline.


We designed and developed all resting #flows#, including the necessary manual and automatic QA. We finished constructing all the remaining functionalities such as onboarding, registration, sign in, social network features, notifications, profile, feed, post detail and post publication.

Increased development speed, 40% faster, Savings: 9000 USD/ month.

After the Puzzle stepped in, the team’s development speed increased by 40%, achieving savings of at least USD 9,000 per month, and USD 108,000 annualized in hiring new resources.

Setting the bar high! 8000 new active users in the first 2 months.

The application improved in performance by 35%, achieving the successful opening to the market of 8,000 thousand active users in the first two months, generating an average movement of USD 4,000,000 for the company.

Excelent feedback, We were rated with 5 stars.

The client gave us 5 stars in Clutch, and he recorded a testimonial video for us.

The fundamental foundations were laid to grow and scale the product to the mass market.

We're also proud of.


iOS, Android


iOS, Android

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