The Challenge.

Our client is a disruptive digital startup in the multi-brand clothing e-commerce field that hires us to make a mobile app.

The client was disappointed with other software companies, that could not finalize the project to be able to validate the idea.

Facts .

  • Time:  5 months.
  • Tech Stack: React Native, React, Node.
  • Project Type: Fixed Price, Time Material after lunch.

Tech challenge.

We had to examine the app from scratch, take a look at the #flows# of it, and make a survey of what things worked, what needed improvemnt, and what had to be re-done.

Using a progressive plan to work with, we set a 2 months deadline,

Our Solution.

We designed and developed all resting flows, including the necessary manual and automatic QA. We finished constructing all the remaining functionalities such as onboarding, registration, sign in, social network features, notifications, profile, feed, post detail and post publication.

Unprecedented technology solution.

We managed to create the complete functional digital solution for the client that 2 other technology companies in Argentina had not been able to achieve previously.

Exceed expectations.

On the first two months, more than 2000 users used COSMO to buy new products

The startup is now in the funding and expansion stage..

We're also proud of.


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iOS, Android

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