Open innovation and software companies: why does this partnership make sense?

ur client is a disruptive digital startup in the multi-brand clothing e-commerce field that hires us to make a mobile app.

The client was disappointed with other software companies, that could not finalize the project to be able to validate the idea.


  • Time: 5 Months
  • Tech Stack: React Native, React, Node.js
  • Project type: Fixed price, time material after lunch

Tech Challenge

Create a mobile application in React native, a multi-brand e-commerce that scans products with barcodes and QR to complete a sale in record time. The client should be able to consult available stocks and make the purchase in a store of their choice.

Also, connect the ERP Dragonfish managed by the client to an administrative panel, synchronize products, categories, stock, sales, images, etc. automatically.


Design and construction of a mobile application developed in React Native connected to the client’s ERP in the cloud, in addition to building an intermediate web dashboard to manage all the information that is synchronized with the ERP.

mobile displaying cloth app


  • Unprecedented technology solution: We managed to create the complete functional digital solution for the client that 2 other technology companies in Argentina had not been able to achieve previously.
  • Exceed expectations: On the first two months, more than 2000 users used COSMO to buy new products
  • The startup is now in the funding and expansion stage.

Review on Clutch.com

Indro Montanelli – CEO at Finibraun

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